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If you are tired of reading chess book after chess book only to be disappointed because your opponent does not make the correct “book move”, which makes you even more frustrated because you cannot unleash the winning move you have so painstakingly analyzed for such a long time, then do not hesitate to get this book at once.


- Review from Gambit Geek



Who is this book for?

Intermediate or club players who want a baseline repertoire for White that they can follow and customize for themselves.


What is this book about?

It is the beginning of a White repertoire using responses based on playing beginner, casual, or intermediate club players.  


The Imperfect Chess Playbook uses research from games played by lower level opponents and seeks out the types of mistakes they make, and then builds a plan on how to capitalize on those mistakes. Of course the book also shows how to handle things when Black plays properly.


What is this book not about?

The book does not teach about opening theory or chess in general. It is a battle plan and nothing more.


How does the book work?

The book is about facing non-master players and the moves they are most likely to make. There is a focus on popular responses by intermediate and beginner players that would never show up in a serious chess periodical or chess opening book.


This book is only a first volume of a series. It starts with a specific common starting position, the Two Knights Defence, that takes place after the three most common responses by Black.

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